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We have owned clothing factories in Denim right here in Quebec for many years. We know ALL the elements necessary to make a perfect product and we apply them rigorously even today!

Our head office and distribution centre are still located in the same building that housed the original plant in the early 2000s in Warwick, a small town in central Quebec. We employ about twenty employees for the design, design, import, sale and distribution of our clothing.
We have rigorously transmitted our knowledge and the techniques we have developed to our overseas team.

Our satellite office in Bangladesh is responsible for procurement, manufacturing, and quality control. It is also very important for us that our employees overseas have ethical working conditions and adequate wages to support themselves and their families, which explains why the majority of our team has been with us for more than 10 years.

Over the years, we have also developed expertise in the field of workwear as well as in children’s fashion by manufacturing private brands for store chains.

We finally decided to promote our own brand, WRTK, which brings together several categories: workwear, lifestyle clothing for everyday life for men and women, and a category for children and adolescents. As we were specialized in jeans, each category includes items that are both comfortable and timeless in their design. Over time, we have also developed expertise in resistant polyester/cotton/spandex workwear. We therefore have a complete workwear line that offers you durable and innovative items by their extensibility.
As we all know, the environment is important to the well-being of our planet and is an integral part of our values. With this in mind, we are increasingly moving towards organic fibres. Organic farming combines tradition, innovation and science for a protected environment and to promote a good quality of life for all involved.

Warwick International is proud to present WRTK, which includes a division for each family member for everyday life, in comfort and durability.